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  Dear Visitors to my web site:
         I presently live in Gladwin Michigan moving north from Waterford Mi. after retiring from Oakland County Sheriff’s Dept.  with 35years on the job.   My escape form a job that was sometimes stressful was creating works of art as I believed them to be.    I enjoyed many forms of art; oil, pastel, watercolor, stained glass, photography and always in the back of my mind I hoped to make a quilt someday.   Saving pictures, torn from magazines, in a folder for the day I would make my first quilt, well time just passed and my stack got bigger.    I started quilting in 2008 when I was invited to a quilt retreat with friend who were avid quilters.   I enjoyed the process so much I was now ready to start my quilting venture.  In 2009 I retired and now it was time to settle on one or two art forms mainly because I was moving to a smaller work space.  Little did I know the quilting requires a lot of space as it grows and I mean it grows.  
      I discovered you could print photos on fabric using an ink jet printer which lead me into the art quilting world.   I have always used many of my photos as inspiration for my paintings and now using them for quilts led me further into printing my own fabric, using the computer to transform the photos and finding on- line fabric printing companies for larger prints.   As always, the first attempts did not quite live up to my original plan but I kept experimenting, reading book, honing my skills, and taking classes from quilt artists I admire.   There are so many resources out there my mind just swims with ideas.     
    With the success of my latest quilt “Stick with me Kid” I have been asked to do Trunk show locally in Mi. and teach classes, a new adventure for me.  I love sharing what I have learned and what works or does not work.  I am very involved with my local quilt guild where I am the activities coordinator and I am president of the Gladwin Area Artist guild.  I am on the board of the Gladwin Youth Arts Alliance which promotes and supports the arts in the area schools.  One thing I have found is my art quilts can cross two artistic worlds, I have enters my quilts in Fine Art show and have been well received because this is new to most viewers at art shows. 
                                                                        Thank you for viewing my quilts,
                               hope you come away inspired and wanting to try something new and challenging.

                                                Contact info:  e-mail [email protected] or 989-329-6199


Contact Info.    [email protected]   ​​​​
If you interested in a class or trunk show...My Trunk Show features the quilts, and a talk about my process in creating them, including products I have used.  Length of talk ranges from 1 hr -1.5 hrs.    Presently I have been teaching Thread Painting, a 4-6 hour class.  $25.00 per student,  plus material fee of $5.00.