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Art Quilts

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Whole  Cloth Painted

​Photo Quilts

  1. Photo quilt, art quilt
  2. Photo printed quilt, Art quilt
    Ebb and Flow
  3. Photo quilr, Art quilt
    Lunch Time
  4. Photo quilt, art quilt
    Among The Reeds
  5. Art quilt ,photo collage quilt
    Blue Birds
  1. Art quilt , Whole cloth painted, pictorila quilt, mixed medium quilt
  2. Painted quilts, Art quilts, pictorial quilts
    Hawaiian Color
  3. Painted quilt, art quilt, pictorial quilt
  4. Art quilt whole cloth painted quilt. mix-medium quilt
    Seward Marina
  5. Whole cloth quilts, Art quilt, mix-medium quilt.
    Among The Weeds