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  1. Pictorial quilt
    Stick With Me Kid 34.5" X 34.5"
  2. Blue Season
    Blue Season
  3. Art quilt, pictorial quilt mixed media quilt
    Along the Fence Line
  4. Pictorial quilt
    The End Of A Season
  5. Pictorial quilt
    Park City Barn
  6. Pictorial quilts, art quilts , fiber art
    Aspen Glow
  7. Art quilt, pictorial quilt
    AJ Waits for the Polar Express
  8. Thread painting, pictorial quilt, art quilt
    Cat With No Name
  9. Pictorial quilt, Art quilt
    What Duck Am I
  10. Art quilt, Pictorial quilt
    My Ruby
  11. Art quilt,
    It's Me
  12. Art quilt
    Day Lilly
  13. Art quilt
    Colorado Wild Flower
  14. Confetti quilt, Art Quilt
    Morning walk in The Snow
  15. Confetti Quilt
    My Neck of The Woods

Heading 1

Heading 1